Friday, March 16, 2018

Strawberry Festival 2018

Howdy, Islanders!

I visited Plant City, FL for an afternoon a few weeks back.  I found an awesome boutique called A PEACE of Plant City.

It was super cute and so full of cute decor, yummy teas, and accessories.

I loved the light fixtures and posted several highlights on my Instagram story.

I even shared a pic with Strawbuddy who was also located in the shop!

We stopped in a few of the awesome antique shops and I got some Wakanda collectibles and decor inspiration.

How awesome would these planters look with cool plants inside the hats?

... on a book shelf??!! OMG! I have an idea for some shelving solutions in the new place and I can't wait to execute and share it!  Anyhoo, we had a great time in the cute town.  I remember saying I couldn't wait to visit again.

I didn't realize that my photo with Strawbuddy would be chosen as the 2018 Strawberry Festival Selfie Challenge winner!  OMG!

I won tickets!  It was announced on Instagram and I was super excited.  We arrived on the final day to pick up my concert tickets!  Munch and the man weren't as excited as I was; they assumed the festival would be boring.  They were pleasantly surprised.

There was great food.  

There were fun rides.  There were performances.  

There were strawberry treats.  

... AMAZING strawberry treats at that!

We had a great time.  I knew it was a successful day when, on the way home, the man and Munch were talking about what we're going to do next year at the Strawberry Festival.

To top it off, the sunset warmed our faces and the time warmed our hearts; Strawberry Festival 2018 was an awesome time!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Planter Redo: 2 Minutes, $2 and Too Cute!

Islanders, I have an update and, if you know me, you know it's major.

I have a plant.  A live plant.  It's alive.

Come on.  Is that not major news for me?  Ok, wait.  I have had a plant that I've kept alive for over a month.  It's actually growing.  Are you impressed yet?  NO?!  Well, you should be.

I killed a cactus garden.  I killed a durable house plant.  Heck, I've killed an air plant.

Sometimes, I go to stores later in the evening because I enjoy browsing the aisles solo.  I take my time strolling while everyone else is trying to get in and get out.  A little over a month ago, I went to Walmart and picked up a succulent.  They were on sale and I figured I'd give it a try.  

For weeks, I left it in the ugly little store bought pot... ya know the black ones with the holes in the bottom.  Yes, that little ugly pot.  I left it in there.  I just knew it wouldn't last long so, I didn't get my hopes up.  I sat it on the coffee table next to the artificial plant.  Well, after about 4 weeks.  I noticed something.  

My little baby plant had new green coming in.  Could it be?  Did I not kill it?!   Did it actually grow?  OMG!

I became increasingly more excited as the days progressed... don't worry, it wasn't the same excitement that watered a cactus every other day... I've learned that lesson.  It definitely was not THAT kind of excitement.  It was more of the excitement to buy a new little pot for my plant.  I still wasn't sure of the level of commitment.  I wanted something cute but cheap that would also fit my family room decor.

The kid and I found a cute little pot in the Target garden section.  It was plastic and cream and, the best part, it only cost $1.  I decided to get it.  It was a buck.  What did  I have to lose?  From Target, the kid and I headed to Dollar Tree and I was shocked to see DT had potting soil!  I hurried home and transferred my little plant into her new home. Yep, it's a 'her.'  She's one tough cookie.  Peliona.  That's her name.  Peliona is Spanish slang for a girl who likes to argue or fight.  I had an idea.  I grabbed a few permanent markers.  I drew lips.  I drew lashes.  I drew Peliona.

I took a pencil for an idea of the lash line and used it as a guide to draw lashes.

I love how the plant became her hair.  Munch pointed out that it resembled pig tails.

I tend to agree!  Ok, so here's the best part:

I found a similar vase online for $28!  Doesn't that make it even better?! 


I was able to spend $2 and use markers I had on hand to create a super cute vase! Target had a black vase too.  How cute would it be to use a chalk marker for seasonal or party decor with cute messages... a row of them with individual letters on each (SPRING or CREATE)... photo adhered with ModPodge... the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Something Memphis Blues - The Food.

We've spoken about the decor and graphic designs for the Something Memphis Blues bridal shower.  Today, we're talking food.  Can we just pause to appreciate the food?  I love food and it can make or break any event.  In the case of this bridal shower, Erica created a fabulous menu to fit the theme.  It was eclectic and cultured.  Guests could tell the dishes were prepared with love; it was the kind of meal that fed the soul. 

Sure, there were gourmet favorites but, keep it real, what would a Memphis-themed event be without a BBQ?!

Pulled pork, pulled chicken, and beef brisket with an assortment of BBQ sauces were available for sandwiches or wraps.  There was something for everyone.

With multiple rice and pasta options as sides, it was nice to also have an assortment of healthier salad options like the Balsamic Salad with strawberries and glazed walnuts and the Mediterranean Salad.


Y'all know how I feel about chicken salad.  I love to make it and I could probably eat it everyday.   It is always a crowd favorite and I loved that she added almonds and grapes.

I watched her make the next dish and I could eat it by the fistful.

Erica's Italian Shrimp was so easy to prepare and SO delicious!  I shared the how-to video on my Instagram story while covering the event.  Did you miss it?!  OMG!  You must follow me on Instagram for all the behind-the-scenes goodies! I post something everyday so, if ever you need an Island fix, stop by! Anyhoo, back to the bridal shower...

I love when there is equal attention paid to the decor, food and fun.  It really helps to ensure guests have a good time.  With everything ready to go, guests began to arrive and they were ready for a good time.  The smile on the bride's face says it all:

It was a great day to celebrate love but, then again, isn't it always a good day to celebrate love? 

Cheers to good music, good food and good laughs.  Islanders, may you find an excuse everyday to feed yourself!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Something Memphis Blues - Designs and Decor

Unique events come with requirements.  It feels great to come up with something original but it also means everything has to be created... original.

In the case of the Something Memphis Blues bridal shower, I created a series of printables (I'll share them at the bottom of this post) and theme-specific decor ideas.

I also worked with Melina to create a large sign to mimic the Beale Street sign.

The sign read, "Welcome to Debbie's Bridal Shower celebrating LOVE!"

I found the circles and letters across the top of the sign at Dollar Tree on shower day.  Munch put them together in the backseat on the way to the venue.

The favor tags turned out perfectly!

In pretty little boxes tied up with ribbon, I placed a small Yankee Candle votive.

They looked so cute!  Other graphic designs included the custom menu printable for the buffet table:

If you're hosting an Elvis-inspired event, print any of the following images as 4x6 or 5x7 photos.

Tomorrow, I'm sharing the best part of this event, the FOOD!  Erica is a cook and the food was amazing!

Strawberry Festival 2018

Howdy, Islanders! I visited Plant City, FL for an afternoon a few weeks back.  I found an awesome boutique called A PEACE of Plant City. ...

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