Friday, October 20, 2017

Free Unicorn Party Printables

I can't let you leave the island unicorn party wrap-up without some FREE printables I designed!

1.  Save the image from the blog to your computer or phone. 

2.  Print files at size 4x6.

3.  Frame and place around space (or at the activity station we previously discussed.

Note: these are designed to print as 4x6 photos.  I have been able to printed them as large as 8x10 with no issues too.  I designed graphics for each of the stations but they became general decor when we were no longer offering stations. 

They looked great around the space!  Here are your stations/general decor:

Here are food and drink labels:

The buffet labels can be printed small (3x5) photos or you can print them for 4x6 frames too.  I even left some blank for those who have other menu items for print/labeling.

Oh, I can't give you party printables without an invitation to set the tone:

I used Picmonkey to edit and their Princess Sofia font is perfect for themes like this!  

Last but not least, the favor tags.  Munch's tags looked like this:

I changed them slightly:

... and here's the collage to use for printing:

All you have to do is save the collage file to your computer or phone.  Go to CVS and print onto 4x6 photos.  For every one photo print, you will have 6 favor tags.  Cut and attach to favors!  With all of the FREEBIES out of the way, you're ready to host a magical and fun Unicorn party!

I know and you're welcome!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Unicorn Party Deets!


It's been an emotional few days.  Thanks for the outcry of support after the latest blog posts - the comments, the message, the calls... it is really appreciated.  Hearing that so many of you understood my position, appreciated good parenting, and have experienced the joy in blessing others really made me feel warm and fuzzy.  Then again, I've come to expect nothing less from the supportive islanders!

Anyhoo, we left off with the super sweet and super cute birthday girl, Jessie.

When I arrived to setup, she had put on her favorite dress, she was grinning from ear-to-ear and she was crazy for every detail.  She went crazy for the many balloons and she almost fell over when she saw the cake.

She peeked into the box and LOVED all of the glitter dust on the cake.  She thanked everyone who arrived as she twirled and sang and hopped and squealed.  After about 45 minutes of setup with the birthday girl present, I asked her mom to send her off; I mean, she couldn't see everything!  While she was gone, we all got to work.  We moved furniture, we brought in gifts, we hung balloons...  In the whirlwind of setup, Facebook (FB) mom stopped and said, "wait."  There was silence.  We all stopped and looked at her thinking something had gone wrong.

She grabbed her mouth and started to cry.  She said, "I just can't thank you guys enough... This is just -- it's just awesome."

Everyone in the room teared up and I grabbed her for a hug but we couldn't embrace long; we all had work to do!  With the birthday girl and the tears out of the way, we finally finished.  Jessie returned with her dad who took her to pick out her favorite snacks for the party.  She walked through the door and -- you remember the reaction, right?

The first thing Jessie saw was her sweets table.

It looked so awesome.

I made tags for the spiral lollipops.  They were now unicorn horns

We also drizzled pretzel sticks and those became unicorn horns.

We made two kinds of unicorn-shaped treats.

There were mini unicorn Rice krispy treats:

We also added horns and ears to mini pretzels too:

Oh, and there was one treat everyone got a kick out of.

Yep, even magical creatures have to go poo!

Honestly, the table was gorgeous... but everything was fabulous.  Everyone did their best to make the party amazing!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by such awesomely talented people.  When it's time for Munch's birthday, everyone around me is more than capable of amazing things.  I don't like to burn my folks out so, I usually ask for one specific item.  That way, they can go ALL IN!  Did you see the entry sign Mrs. Lucy made?

It was 4' tall!  She used a canvas and created custom paint colors for the rainbow to match the watercolors in the invitation.  she added rhinestones between the arches of the rainbow and the lowest arch is covered in 3-d gems.  We planned to hang it in Munch's new bathroom (removing the letters) but it served a greater purpose for Jessie.

Beyond the entry area and sweets table, Jessie could see the kitchen.

Look at the balloon towers Dianna made!  

Aren't they amazing?  It was raining so they couldn't be outside.

Favor bags, decorative signage, wish necklace supplies and the candy-filled mini pinatas were placed on the table for each guest.  Can you see the centerpieces on top?

They were awesome!  AWESOME!  My sis-in-love did her thang!  I knew when I found the cut outs on sale at Michael's she would be able to incorporate them fabulously.  Ryan outdid herself!

Misty, of Girl Meets Cake, did her thing with the cake but she also gave the birthday girl a beautiful dollhouse and a bunch of toys!  I stood it all on the coffee table in the middle of the space.  VOILA! The gift table was created!

After her arrival, Jessie was taken to get ready for the party.  We provided her with a cute outfit to fit the party theme.

She loved the sparkle shirt we got from Kohl's.

Can you see her necklace?  Cute story.  I left to pick up pizzas for the party so, I wasn't there when the kids made their pinatas and other crafts.  When I returned, Jessie told me her friends made necklaces for themselves and then her family and friends added fairy bottles to her necklace.  With each bottle, people told her their birthday wishes for her.  HOW awesome is that?!

After the good food and fun, it was time for the cake.

I had an awesome time helping to pull a special day together for a special girl.  It was a GREAT day.  I hope she was as blessed as all of the people who made the magic happen.  If you'd like to relive the day as it happened, check out the full Instagram story from the day below... Imagine the goodies we're posting everyday.

That night, Jessie's mom posted photos and statuses.  The picture that spoke volumes to me was this one:

One of the major concerns for her mom was that she had nothing with which to start the new school year.  After her birthday party, she received all of the school clothes in the photo above and gift cards to help with whatever else was needed.  One less worry for mom!

Islanders, thanks for coming with me on the birthday party journey!  I'm sharing all the free printables tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Box That Changed It All

I was telling you yesterday that I made a tough decision to cancel the party. It was a difficult decision to make but I felt strong.  Then, the doorbell rang.   I heard a delivery truck zoom off into the distance and, as I opened the front door, I saw it.  On the porch, there it was. The box.

I wasn't sure which box was delivered but I assumed it was something for the party (that would never happen).  I opened it.

A knot swelled in my throat.

The personalized cookies arrived.  They were designed to fit the theme perfectly.

They were beautiful.  They were also a hard dose of reality.  This party.  These crafts.  This vision was going to be trapped inside of my head for the rest of my life.  This would be the party that never happened.  It was official.  I was no longer okay.  I didn't feel strong.  I was a squishy blob of emotions.  What was a mom to do?

I did what every mom does.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Birthday Party That Never Happened


Did you notice it's October?  Two months after the kid's birthday and eight months after we would normally have this conversation?

*taps mic*


One of the biggest events on the island has come and gone with no word... no celebration... no annual blog parade of party planning, goodies or excitement.

My kid turned 11.  We didn't have a party.

Seriously, how does that happen on this here island dedicated to all things party planning?  How did the planner NOT have a party for her daughter's birthday?  Her final birthday before middle school at that.

Well, it's a long story and I'll start with saying that we did plan for a party.  An awesome party.  A farewell party of epic proportions too.  The kid had one request: she wanted this to be her first sleepover birthday party.  She gave me freedom to plan and freedom to do whatever I felt would make for a good time.  She finally said it.

"I trust you, mom.  Everything you do for me is great."

Now, y'all know this was epic. There was no random theme... no crazy challenges or colors... just *exhales adoringly* do whatever I wanted.  I thought about it for a long time.  With my freedom to plan and to do whatever, I had no reason to stress.  It was all on me.  I decided to proceed with a Magic of Friendship theme.  Unicorns and rainbows, stars and glitter, watercolor pastels... this was going to be an awesome party.

With the theme, I designed the invitations.

First, the overnight guests were OFFICIALLY invited as members of the Farewell Squad!  In addition to the Farewell Squad sleepover, we planned to have family and friends over for a farewell BBQ at a friend's AirBnB property.

Free Unicorn Party Printables

I can't let you leave the island unicorn party wrap-up without some FREE printables I designed! 1.  Save the image from the blog to yo...

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