Wednesday, January 31, 2018

WW: Something Memphis Blues Sneak Peek

Thursday, January 25, 2018

TBT: A Rustic Wedding in the Garden

I wanted to share some beautiful details from a wedding a few months back.  It was simple but full of great ideas.  Like the place cards:

I loved how string, clothespins, and pieces of paper created a beautiful-yet-functional display.  The outdoor venue is beautiful.

It had a beautiful open atrium using rustic wooden beams.  It is such a beautiful outdoor space.

Think outside of the box for photobooth props; a galvanized letter will be perfect in photos. 

The groom made wood pieces for the centerpieces.  He made round ones and he also made this long wooden one:

Gorgeous, right?!  I am a fan of the eclectic jars and single blooms.

The table numbers were designed to match the place cards and there were Throwback photos of the couple at each table.  Each number symbolized something for the couple and there was a write-up explaining what.  For example, table number could coincide with age or grade, or table 4 would have a photo of the bride with 4 teeth missing in the second grade - haha.

I was able to provide the floral designs for the cake. I love how the flowers are classic and whimsy.

I created a halo of greenery around the perimeter of the cake plate before putting the cake on 

The key to rustic floral arrangements is to focus less on blooms and more on greenery and filler.  The goal is to have a 'picked from a field' appearance.

It was fun styling the cake and I love the mix of the lace tablecloth with the greenery and dahlias.

This casual and elegant wedding was sure to be a beautiful and fun day for the bride and groom!  Happy Throwback Thursday!  Who doesn't love a good #tbt?!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Choos Choos and Tutus: A Co-ed Party

I remember one year, when my parents were moving from Japan back to the states, they decided to combine my birthday party (January) with my brothers' (both in October).  It was so awesome to have a big party and to enjoy a sleepover with my friends and to get a lot of awesome gifts and to have triple the number of friends at the party...  Islanders, I still remember a lot of my gifts (the life-sized Barbie, a cool hot pink giant lock-shaped safe with a secret combination).  It was an awesome birthday... the birthday song with *like* 50 kids was so awesome!  If I recall correctly, it was hosted late summer before we relocated in late September.  The combined party itself was epic but, when my actual birthday came around several months later, it was a major letdown... I think I may have gotten a cake but it certainly wasn't what I had become accustomed to.  No presents, no party, no friends... just a reminder of the epic party hosted months prior.

It was at that moment, my disdain for combined birthdays was born.  I prefer not to combine December babies with Christmas or sibling birthdays (unless they're within two weeks) or really anything; I like the idea of giving each birthday honoree his/her due.  

Despite my personal experience, I gained a new appreciation for combined birthdays during the planning and execution of a recent co-ed birthday party.

Avery was born on the same day as Mason's first birthday party.  Their birthdays are days apart.  Their parents share families and friends so, it was natural to combine their birthday parties.


In conversation with Amalia, Avery's mom, she mentioned there were a number of typical themes on the list but the parents decided on a final theme that was unique and different.  I got the colors and I offered to make the tags for the favors.  I decided to create two separate designs for the favor bags, one for each guest of honor.

The tags read as follows: "It was TUTU sweet of you to come to celebrate Avery turning one!" and "Chugga Chugga Thank you for celebrating Mason turning two!"

I came up with the original wording and design based on a few inspiration images from Ryan, my sis-in-love and Mason's mommy.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

TBT: Avery and Mason

Happy Throwback Thursday, Islanders!  In celebration, I'm sharing pictures of two littles who combined their birthday parties this year.  Don't worry.  Mason and Avery are super cute and I can't wait to share their super cute party.  Oh, you can check my Instagram story for more cool pictures and ideas for hospital gifts and activities, baby showers and nursery decor!  For now, let's just throwback to some cute baby cheeks!

Here's a sneak peek of their adorable birthday photos. 

See you tomorrow with a cute party theme!

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