Friday, November 17, 2017

Minnie Favor Bag Ideas and A FREE Printable!

Last week's Wordless Wednesday post was a sneak peek into the fabulous first birthday party hosted for god baby 'Lani.

I know.  I had to face reality  Yes, time flew by.  Yes, she is adorable.  And, the worst part, yes.  She is one whole year old.  You may recall the baby shower. 

I was event support.  I took a backseat and awaited assignments to complete for the shower... I was in a total 'however I can be of assistance is fine with me' state of mind.  You can read more about it here

Well, after a year of growing and loving and learning my sweet god baby, I knew I had to do something to help.  I also knew I couldn't wait for direction.  I asked what Mrs.  Lucy had in mind for favor bags.  She had a vision of polka dots and ears.  So, I got to work.  I know Mrs. Lucy is all about the details and the bling so, I was determined to meet and exceed her expectations.  Here's what I came up with:

I used black paper bags from Michael's as the base.  I found a roll of the paper on sale (I was just there and they have rolls of paper in pink and green on sale... and I moved 900 miles away from where I purchased it).  You could totally use any paper or wrapping paper.

I traced the bag and cut a square to fit the front of the bag.  I glued it down and lined the top of the square with pearls.  Next came the ears!  I used my 2-inch paper punch to create ears for the bags.  I glued them to the top corners before embellishing the bags with the tags and small bows.

I love how the bags turned out; they were a party feature item!  They were like sending a piece of the party details home with each of the guests.

The tags were awesome too.  Check them out:

Guess what? There's a bonus! I made some for you too!  Simply print the collage of tags as a 4x6 photo.  That's 6 tags for next-to-nothing!

Before I got started, I knew favors would help and were important.  We filled the cute bags with crayons, coloring books (Disney coloring books are at Dollar Tree), and these custom cookies made with her name:

Aren't they adorable?!  I love how the favor bags helped to tie everything together.  The best part?  Mrs. Lucy was pleased with the results and allowed me to help in other ways.  I've got party deets coming soon!  For now, let's enjoy the easy and fabulous favor bags :)

We've got ears, say cheers!  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WW: God Baby Alani Turns 1!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Wow-Factor Fall Decor That's Easy!

Munch started a new school.  Not just a new school but a new school in a new area.  I know that I have to finish all of those summer updates but I realized 'tis the season for events.  There's Fall festivals, Halloween parties, Christmas/holiday parties, New Year's, Football parties, etc.

Anyhoo, back to the new school.  Moving to a new area means she's the new girl but it also means I'm the new girl.  I attended my first Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting and was volunTOLD to provide centerpieces for an event.  I played it cool because it's something I can do with my eyes closed as you guys already know.  No worries.  I almost, however, slapped somebody when they proceeded to tell me about Dollar Tree vases, decor, and other items.

*clutches pearls in shock*

ARE THEY SERIOUS?!  Do they not know who I am?  Have they not heard how I work?  Were they not aware that I -- hol' up.  That's right.  THEY don't know ME. *exhales and counts 100*  Calm down, Tabitha.  They don't know you.  They don't know what you do.  I responded to their Dollar Tree suggestions with a simple, "I'm familiar.  VERY familiar actually."  In the case of the Fall Festival, I was tasked with helping with setup... the PTA President wanted to leverage my decorating expertise.  I had to use what I had to make things pop.  These ideas would work well with theme- and/or decor-appropriate items.  I was pleased with how they turned out and surprised that many people asked about the ideas.

1.  Plate Feature Wall

The plate wall was one of my favorite decor elements.  It was so unique.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WW: Halloween Was Awesome!

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, October 27, 2017

An UN-costume: The Sugar Skull

The next get-up in our UN-costume series is the sugar skull.  If you're like me and don't do the gore and fright of the holiday, this cute option is for you!  I found the adorable dress and fell in love.  It was a boutique dress with an $80 retail price tag.  The original Goodwill price was $6.98 but, because I got it 50% off, I only paid $3.49!  The details of the pleated skirting, the sequence and the gold bow charm were beautiful!

We added skeleton gloves, a sugar skull-inspired mask, and sugar skull face stickers to the crease of her mouth.  Everything was purchased from the Goodwill Halloween section and it all cost $1.99/each.  Less than $10 and the kid LOVED her costume.

We piled on the gaudy jewelry - rings and necklaces.  It's probably the only way I'd get her excited to put on a dress this frilly these days. 

In the above photo, the kid was saying, "I feel *like* so amazing.  I wish I could wear my lips like this all the time.  Mom, I think I wanna wear THIS on Halloween."

She slipped into character and served!

For the lips, I used black lip liner to outline and white liner to draw the teeth.

The sass is great with this one, Islanders.

The funny is too.  Oh, and the DAB is too!

See you tomorrow with a bonus costume!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

An UN-costume: The Spider Princess.

I love holiday decor at thrift stores.  It's unique and whimsy.  It's quirky and, my favorite part, it's cheap!  On a trip to Goodwill awhile back, I found a flimsy web with a cute spider on it.  I also found a cute striped dress on clearance for $1.49 (50% off of $2.98).  I thought the two would make for a cute party outfit/costume.

Our local Goodwill also has a Halloween section.  The section has costumes, party supplies and decor.  I was able to get a faux cob web (complete with two spiders) set for $1.99.

We cut a piece and wrapped it around her ponytail with the spiders.

I thought to make a necklace and I had cobwebs to spare but the efforts of the un-costume mean that you don't focus on details like that.

We created a custom lip color using a matte deep mauve and remnants of a pink color.  It gave a really nice mauve shade and the final goodwill accessory topped it off.


I thought to buy a ribbon but I remembered we had a sash from when she was a flower girl in my bro's wedding as a toddler

Can you see that gremlin smile in the lower right?  that little orange sash is the one we flipped (bow to the front).  The sash made the perfect addition to the party dress and OMG!

Munch looked chic and fun.

The above facial exudes how we really feel about spiders but it's also because I think she's so cute it's scary!

Munch said she wouldn't wear this to trick-or-treat but it would be great for a day at school, a person passing out candy or a party goer.  She then proceeded to ask if we could have a Halloween party.  I said no.  WHAT?! Don't look at me like that.  The year of the UN-costume means she doesn't have to get all dressed up and I don't have to go all out.  No party, no discussion... and I don't feel bad about it.  Anyhoo, she loved the dress and she especially loved the hair.

If the hair was paired with all black clothes and had white cobwebs to drape over her clothes with more spiders or insects that glowed in the dark, I think Munch would've wanted to wear it in a "cooler" setting.  Hmmm, cool.  Do the real cool moms say cool? I don't know but I'll check and I'll let you know.

I think she looks great.  I think the UN-costume in this case is a great way to take any little black dress, or any party dress for that matter, and, with the addition of cobwebs to the hair, a few plastic spiders and spider-inspired eye wear, make a fabulous costume!

Minnie Favor Bag Ideas and A FREE Printable!

Last week's Wordless Wednesday post was a sneak peek into the fabulous first birthday party hosted for god baby 'Lani. I know. ...

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